Apsen - Appcent, established with the support of Tübitak 1512 entrepreneurship program and in partnership with Inovent Ventures, aims at developing the products which are innovative at mobile world and can solve the big problems. Besides, the company expands its experiences through providing user-friendly applications to the institutional firms. Appcent, particularly known for its developed applications in the platform of iOS, offers various solutions at iOS and Android platforms. As it is believed that private sector should be interacted with academia, Appcent works with the prominent academicians for its R&D projects. Our firm focuses on R&D projects which pay attention to the necessities of the mobile sector, as well as it aims at reducing the country’s dependency on outside financial sources and rival in global market. In addition, since it is known that sharing experiences and knowledge increases the achievement, it accelerates the development of the sector in mobile world with its seminars for the institutions. Particularly with the mobile education contents in "Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar" project, our firm proved its own leadership. If you are interested in participating to the mobile world, if you want to take the advantage of our experiences or learn more about our innovative products, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to