Geçmiş Projeler

Past Projects

Girişimci Geliştirme Programı (AKBANK)

Entrepreneur Development Program is a certificate program organized since 2003 with the support of AKBANK. Each year, 50 SMEs receive 5-day mini MBA courses.

Social Investment Program (JP Morgan)

Sabancı University's Social Investment Program (SYP) supported by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

MY-WAY (Horizon 2020)

A European Commission Project to enhance and improve the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship support initiatives in Europe.

The School of Entrepreneurship (TUBITAK 1601)

The School of Entrepreneurship is a certified training program prepared by Sabancı University and conducted with the support of TUBITAK.


Mentor-SEA is a TUBITAK mentor training program. Mentor-SEA, as the official implementing agency of TÜBİTAK, was coordinated by Adana ÜSAM and Sabancı University Inovent A.Ş. and Ege University EBİLTEM-TTO with the support of Technology Development Zone Managing Company ideEGE - TGB A.Ş. 1601 - TUBITAK Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the fields of Capacity Building for Mentor Trainings. At the end of this project, it is aimed to train qualified mentors to provide mentoring services to SMEs. Mentor-SEA trained 80 mentors in 2015 and 2016 and completed the project.


As the official implementing agency of TUBITAK, BiGG SEA collects the applications of 1512 Teknogirişim Capital Support Grant Program up to TL 150,000, with priority applications in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions; providing business modeling, mentoring and pre-incubation services to entrepreneurs and supporting the entrepreneur in the process from business idea to business plan; It is a program implemented by Sabancı University İnovent, Ege University ideEGE-TGB and Adana ÜSAM.

Startup Globe (Istanbul Development Agency)

SUCOOL has run an international project which is called Startup Globe with the financial support of ISTKA in 2017. Among the other projects it made in that year, ISTKA selected this project as the most successful one among all the projects they supported.